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How to prepare your home for a puppy?

1. The first thing that is necessary is a comfortable sleeping area, which should occupy a cozy place in your home. You also need bowls for water and food. The breeder should advise you what food to buy so that the puppy sticks to its usual diet in the first days of its stay with you.

2. You need to buy a collar and a leash so that you can go for a walk.

3. It is also necessary to stock up on pee pads to accustom the baby to go potty in the right place.

4. And, of course, you need to buy a lot of different toys so that the puppy does not want to play with your sneakers or phone charger😁

5. In order for the adaptation of both: the owners and the puppy to live together easily, it is helpful to limit the space for the new family member, and then gradually increase it 🧡

I wish you to feel only joy and happiness after getting a puppy🧡🧡🧡

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