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10 rules to help you get your puppy to go potty on a pee pad

You have to understand that teaching a puppy to go potty on a pee pad is not as easy as it can seem. The most important thing is to be patient, confident in yourself and don’t expect that a 3-4 months year old puppy will go potty strictly on a pee pad without mistakes. All you need is love for your little friend and a little patience.

So, to teach a puppy to go potty on a pee pad you need to:

1. Enclose space, leave maybe one room, for example a kitchen and a hallway, other rooms need to be closed.

2. If you have a carpet, then it’s necessary to put it aside for some time, because puppies often perceive carpets as big pee pads.

3. Spread a lot of pads around the places that your puppy spends time at. If your puppy has already chosen its favourite place to pee then put a pad there as well.

4. Right after your pup wakes up, necessarily put it on a pad. After sleep, the puppy usually wants to pee and this is the best time for you to show the baby where it should go potty.

5. Put the baby on a pee pad, show what it smells like (pre-wet it in yesterday's puddle), you can slightly tilt your puppy’s face so that it can smell the pad and understand that this is where it should go potty.

6. Come up with a magic word that will accompany this process, for example: Potty or Pee. It can be any other word you’d like to use to accompany this process. Do not let the puppy get away and put the baby back on a pad if it tries to escape.

7. Do not play with the puppy during the learning process! Everything should happen quite strictly. Put it on the pee pad and stand up, let the little one smell everything and understand what it should do. If the puppy looks intently into your eyes - turn away so that it stops concentrating its attention on you.

8. Remember that the baby has a full bladder after it wakes up (which obviously helps the process if you take it seriously). Of course, be sure you don’t miss the moment and the baby doesn’t pee somewhere else.

9. When the baby finally goes potty on a pee pad, you have to pet it and praise it, you can do it using the words such as: Well done! Bravo! and many other short words of delight and joy. You can also offer it a treat, in order to fix it in the baby's memory that it did the right thing.

10. The important thing is - the praise should be immediate! It doesn't necessarily has to be a treat, you can just show the baby your joy and happiness.

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